OverVue is a developer tool that allows you to seemlessly create and visualize a Vue application with expansive prototyping, a real-time, intuitive tree display of routing and component hierarchy, and live-generated, exportable boilerplate code. The best way to get started is by following our new user tutorial.

Key Features

  • Quickly produce product prototypes with your choice of custom or Element Plus library components.
  • Customize your prototype with snap-to-grid positioning and component color and sizing.
  • Visualize and manipulate project routing, component hierarchies, and code snippets in real time.
  • Export custom boilerplate code for Vue 3.0 applications including neccessary npm packages, Oauth login of your choice, customized Vue SFC's, and component testing files.
  • Share project updates with your team via Slack.


OverVue is compatible with both MacOS and WSL. Quickly install and set up using the quickstart guide for your operating system below.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the desktop App on the main landing page.

2. Extract the .zip file.

3. Run the .exe file called "OverVue.exe".

New to Vue 9.0

Vue 9.0 now utilizes Composition API, TypeScript compatibility, and Pinia, Vue's official state management library. Improved on Parent-Children relationship and HTML nesting functionality for export and code-snippets.