Setting Up Your OverVue Environment

Setting Grid Density

A key feature of OverVue is the ability to dynamically change the grid layout of the prototyping canvas before you start. Within the navigation bar on the top of the application, there are two buttons: Height and Width. Click either to have the a pulldown menu show what how many grid lines you want in each axis.

show grid density

Connect to Slack

OverVue offers Slack within the application to link your OverVue instance into any slack channel. After logging in, you can send a message to your Slack channel after saving the project.

show slack

Add Project TypeScript and OAuth

OverVue includes the feature to implement TypeScript and Google/Github OAuth when exporting your project prototype. To turn TypeScript or Oauth modes on or off, click on the Settings gear icon in the right corner of the nav bar and click the toggle at the bottom of the menu of each respective setting.

show options