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What's new in OverVue 10.0?

New and Improved "Tree Mode"

Drag and drop tree nodes to dynamically change your app's component structure!

You can still edit with Grid Mode by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the application.

Tree Mode Gif
HTML Element List Gif

Nest HTML Elements

In the HTML Elements section, reposition and nest HTML elements within your components by dragging and dropping.

Focus on a Specific Component

Double-click on a component within your tree to open up the "component focus" modal.

Add html element Gif
Add html element Gif

Accessible Vuetensils Components

Quickly create accessible HTML elements by adding components from the Vuetensils component library!

These naked components are designed with minimal bloat to let you focus on development and accessible functionality.

OverVue is licensed under the MIT License.

OverVue is an open-source project developed under tech accelerator OS Labs.